Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Flickr App Garden : A Home for Third Party Apps

Flicker has an open and influential API supporting a consuderable count of apps. Decelopers have built a whopping number of lofty applications and nifty toys since its inceptin in 2004.

Earlier the users had to search for apps on the web and developers tend to use their own websited for the promotion of their apps. But now you can riff through and uncover Flicker apps in one principal position i.e. The New App Garden. Apps in the garden varies from stats to importing/exporting to integration with other sites.

Flickr too has gleaned some enphasizing apps on its front page. In this home for third party apps, developers are required to submit the apps themselves as the App Garden does not list all the apps itself. Along with the info you religiously scan on every photo page, you can now recognize which app the photographer used to upload the image.

For developers, there is a plethora of tempations to offer their appss and if you're a Flickr power user, you'll certainly crave to explore what's already been posted.