Friday, November 27, 2009

Google gPhone On The Way

Google has never been a company to rest on it’s laurels. An organization driven by innovation, being the leading search engine was one accomplishment, but Google has branched out in many directions with such products as the Chrome browser, Chrome operating system and Android based phones.

It looks like Google is now readying the troops to make an assault on the mobile phone industry by offering it’s own gPhone or Google phone with “unlimited free calls.”

The Google phone is expected to be one of the most advanced smartphones available and will come with a large screen display and a Qualcomm processor that is significantly more powerful then the current Apple iPhone 3GS. Google phone will be powered by Flan, the latest version of Android. Flan is said to offer superior 3D graphics and gaming that rivals handheld console games.

gPhone may launch as early as next year in the US but as more details become available, we will let you know.

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