Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New offshore development centers by Yash Tech

Yash Technologies, a global leader in enterprise business and technology solutions, announced today the expansion of three new offshore development centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, India. Yash is positioning for rapid growth in these strategic locations, along with two other existing offshore development centers in Hyderabad and Indore, India.

Offshore development and services have become a strategic necessity for companies looking for cost savings or streamlined processes for its core businesses. The right partner is critical to a successful offshore experience. Yash has provided flexible offshore models for global customers for years. A key differentiator is our approach to the offshore model, which is to develop core client teams that are true extensions of customer teams. These teams understand a customers business initiatives, the systems that support these initiatives, and recognize that their performance has direct impact on success.

Besides our technology and business expertise, innovation in being customer focused has been a key factor in our growth, comments Manoj Baheti, CEO of Yash Technologies. Our clients know that working with Yash means that they are getting 100 percent commitment in ensuring absolute success. The new offshore development centers in India will enhance our contribution to the India IT industry and will also assist us in maintaining excellence in the services provided to our customers globally.

This infrastructure investment is in line with global growth plans in India to gain domestic business and mindshare. The offshore development centers will be another hub for Yash to grow its delivery footprint in the Enterprise Solutions space, centered on its SAP service offerings.

The new offshore development centers are designed with state of the art technology and are fully operational to support new customers. Yash is expected to add several hundred more employees by the end of this year to support its growth.

Yash Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise solutions and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers, Yash is a SEI CMMI Level 3 and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with US and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across 3 continents.

Source : www.offshoringtimes.com