Friday, September 19, 2008

Affordable, Comprehensive and Flexible Business Management System : SAP

SAP is an acronym for "System Application & Products" which creates a common centralized database for all the applications running in an organization. SAP is a single, affordable business management solution that integrates the entire business. The application has been assembled in such a flexible way that it handles all the functional department within an organization. Today major companies like Microsoft and IBM are using SAP's Products to run their own businesses.

SAP Services help you to maximize your success through a combination of SAP experts, methodologies, tools, and certified partners – plus a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your solution life cycle, from planning to building to running. So you can align your IT and business strategies, get your software up and running fast and  keep it operating at peak levels – ensuring that IT supports your business goals.

SAP's applications are built around R/3 system which provides the functionality to manage product operations, cost accounting, assets, materials and personnel. It generally focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The R/3 system of SAP runs on majority of platforms including windows 2000 and it uses the client/sever model.

It is very useful even for small accounting and financial firms. SAP jobs with companies are just getting off  the ground. The right professional with the specific SAP knowledge can improve the growth of a company. Investing time and energy into these positions can lead to great rewards  for SAP professionals. And  for SAP professionals who work with smaller companies can also make their  SAP experience  for the next job hunt.

A-1 Technology, an offshore software outsourcing company is working on SAP technology . Various small and large organizations can greatly benefit from this wonderful technology. A-1 technology has best in class resources for SAP technology that can help in leveraging the capabilities of SAP to reduce development cost and time to market.