Saturday, September 20, 2008

M7 Aerospace to join the BPO Business arena

The M7 Aerospace LP has joined the arena of marketing the services of its supply chain management business support unit to outside customers.

The entity previously had been supporting M7's five commercial units by buying and managing the supply of aerospace components. M7's Supply Chain Management organization had been supporting some of the company's commercial and government businesses, including FedEx, The
Boeing Co.(NYSE: BA), Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin, Agusta Westland Bell and the U.S. government.

Brian Dannewitz, vice president of supply chain management for M7 says, 'We can substantially reduce indirect expense and increase cost savings for virtually any materials management operation.' Further he added, "Customers wishing to concentrate on their core competencies
can now achieve higher performance and efficiency gains in their purchasing and supply chain activities by subcontracting those functions to M7."

Under this latest move, the Supply Chain Management business will formally become a stand-alone Business Process Outsourcing provider.

As a Business Process Outsourcing provider, M7 will surely be able to offer staffing services and contract purchasing; logistics and shipping services; and procurement audit services.

M7 Aerospace is based out of San Antonio International Airport and operates from a 426,000-square-foot factory complex previously occupied by Fairchild Aircraft. M7 acquired the assets of Fairchild in December 2002 and began operating under M7 on April 1, 2003. At
present the company has more than 500 employees worldwide, including 300 in San Antonio.