Monday, September 29, 2008 Adding value to technology

ASP (Active Server Pages) was first released in December 1996. Since then it has under gone several changes and has grown and tailored to the new methods of developing web sites and applications for the internet over the span of time.

In major weight is on n-tier architecture in the applicationdevelopment and there is separation of data presentation, business logicand data access layers. It offers object oriented approach for the software development.

The .net compliant language is compatible with like C# and,where both are server-sided languages. process is separate from inetinfo.exe and the debugging process is easier in

Unlike traditional ASP it can run on Microsoft platforms as well as non-Microsoft platforms . In classic ASP the executable code cannot beseparated from the HTML making the page difficult to read and maintain. Thecode block has to be placed when ever the output is to be shown. This limitation of code is overcome in by the use of server controls.The HTML and Web Server Controls created on the server require a The use of pages gives a performance and security edge. It supports the usage of any .net language. There is no restriction over the use ofJava Script or VB Script on your Web pages.

Finally it can be said has opened up a whole new programming model with the blend andcombination of web forms, server-side controls, data binding along with webservices. has just scratched the surface of the Microsoft Active Server Page technology, which will continue to improve in the coming yearswith the latest additions on the technology front.

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