Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Africa to join India and China in the Outsourcing Arena

The first African Outsourcing Summit, hosted by the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) and Cyber Media, will be held on the 27 and 28 November 2008 in London. According to Dr Mohan Kaul,director general CBC, ' The summit is being held at a time when outsourcing is going through major change'. He further added 'It is expected that the global outsourcing market in 2008 will be worth $150 billion, with the potential to double in the next year.' The growth and potential of the industry has led countries such as India and China to look for partners offshore to match growing capacity needs. This need has led to the emergence of African countries as favorable outsource destinations.

The summit will bring together senior government policy makers and industry representatives from African nations, key decision-makers, outsource service buyers and other stakeholders from the European and global outsourcing industry.

A joint research report by CBC and Cyber Media will be presented at the summit. The report will benchmark the outsourcing initiatives of selected African countries, according to parameters that measure the capability and capacity of the outsourcing industry in those countries. CBC said the report aims to be a starting point for discussion for countries considering outsourcing in Africa, and highlights the key issues facing these countries.