Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Future of the Indian outsourcing industry

FOR THE past decade or so the Indian IT sector has emerged as one of the largest outsourcing center’s on the globe. The firms in to outsourcing have employed thousands of professionals for handsome five figure wages. In fact, today, almost every technical student dreams of securing such a placement.

All the major outsourcing projects that we undertake hail from the west. That to 60 percent of the projects is from U.S.A. The sole purpose of the outsourcing policy of the west is to extract the work at the least price possible.

The statement by Mr. Obama the other day seems to be a real threat for the Indian outsourcing industry. He was clearly against encouraging outsourcing. The main reason behind this policy is to meet the increasing unemployment problem faced by natives in U.S.A.

Though the wages paid to the professionals working in this field is good, in the long run these professionals may run into a crisis. Firstly, these companies are vulnerable to fluctuations in the western markets. Due to high inflation, the western market today seems to have been quitened to a considerable extent. At this juncture of time, a decrease in the number of projects allotted to Indian companies has been noticed. One is not an economist though; one feels that the wages may not be the same for the future.

As a student, one has already noticed that the recruitments in these firms has cone down drastically. In fact there are students who have been placed in several top companies last year who are yet to be given a posting. These outsourcing industries today are hiring seven people instead of ten earlier, for the same amount of work. This increases work burden on individuals. One has to work overtime, now, to complete the assignment given. This increased work pressure disturbs both physical and mental health of the individual.

Sitting for hours together in front of computers can lead to spinal cord problems. This kind of passive work can also lead to obesity problems.

So, outsourcing jobs can be lethal in long run. Indian software industry should reduce its dependence on outsourcing projects in spite of the fact that they provide instant money. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that professionals should stop depending more on outsourcing companies. They have many other promising career options. It is worthy to mention that, adequate steps must be taken in order to check the working hours of the professionals. After all results fetched in the long run are equally important as instant yields are.

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