Saturday, July 18, 2009

Replenish Your Senses with iFruity

iPhone has created a perfect blend of entertainment and fun for its users. Gear up for a new fruit smoothie machine in shape of iPhone. Like most kids, everyone loves the sound of milk splashes, ice being crushed in a blender. iPhone brings in an app for your sheer replenishment in the sultry afternoons.

Now you can make and taste your favorite smoothie on your iPhone. At the drop of a few names, your mind will instantly be transported to the land of mouth-watering-sugary-treats. You are just required to make a quick selection of one of juicy flavours, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana and Orange.

Your iphone acts like a perfect blender with milk and crushed ice in it. You can even enjoy the sound like ka-plunk, ka-plunk, ka-plunk while pouring the luscious ingredients. Drop some slice of orange or banana or some strawberries or blueberries, according to your taste. Rock on the music of blender roaring and soak your spirits while watching the rainbow changing colors in your iphone.

A fascinating app loaded with lots of fun and thrill, ifruity is here to soothe you in the hot summers. You can make a smoothie in just few simple steps :-

1)Select “Ingredients” selection screen, after opening the app.

2)Select your favorite flavor from Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana or Orange and hit“Make Smoothie”.

3)Replenish your senses while watching the ingredients blending on your iphone.

4) When your Smoothie is done, select“OK” and you are “Ready to Drink” the heavenly cup of smoothie.

5)Tilt your glass to drink the Smoothie until your glass is empty, but don’t tilt too far or you’ll get the “Spill” screen.

6)When you’re done, select “Yes, Please” to make another Smoothie or select “No, Thanks” to exit iFruity.

Don't forget to carry your blender...oops iPhone loaded with fun while going out with your friends...!!!

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