Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Android 2.0 “Donut,” : Entrancing Treat for Developers

Google Presents a delectable treat for the Google Android developers. Google has released Android OS 2.0 Donut for the adventurous developer community.

Donut, with lots of sweetness inside, offers a whole new world of improvement that should give Apple iPhone developers a run for their money.

This new improved version, includes text-to-speech, gesture support, universal search and a 5-in-1 toggle switch for home screen use that can help manage Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity among other user set options.

The users will find a lot of new features in the improved “Donut”, like Universal Search with an automated back-ups. The developers are already excited about the huge amount of performance that should hopefully see the platform running more smoothly even on existing hardware.

More technical issues have been tweaked, too, with WPA Enterprise encryption support together with VPN functionality.

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