Monday, July 20, 2009

Palm pre restrained from itunes access

Recently apple has updated, its itunes software version itune 8.2.1,that will revoke Palm pre smartphone users to access and sync the updated iTunes.

At time of Palm pre's launching,Palm said that ,iTunes is accessible to Palm users and they will be able to download free music, photos and videos via iTunes.Now Pre owners can no longer use Apple's iTunes to sync their smartphones.Pre will not be able to act much like an iPhone or iPod.

The new update policy would seriously hurt pre sales, and help apple to retain its monopoly in this silver lining smartphone market. It will also defend apple from smartphone market competitors.With this move it looks ,Apple would be able to generate higher sales and profits .

Newer versions of iTunes may no longer provide syncing functionality ,but for now older version should work fine for Pre owners by avoiding updates to this release.

Also if pre users want to use iTunes,than can also look at other alternatives like Salling Media Sync.