Monday, July 13, 2009

Palm Pre developer meet-up: July 13 in NYC

Are you a webOS developer in the vicinity of New York City? You are? What a crazy random happenstance! Listen up, because we’ve got something exciting for you. It’s a Palm Pre developer meet-up in New York City on this coming Monday, July 13, at 7:00 pm. Put together by Michael Prenez-Isbell of BlueSwitch, the first-ever Palm Pre Developers Group meet-up in NYC will take place at the BlueSwitch offices at 61 Broadway (27th Floor), just a few doors south of Trinity Church.

On tap for discussion will be (naturally) webOS, the Mojo SDK, and the Palm Pre itself. Speaking at the meet-up will be Eric Marthinsen of Agile Commerce – the company that developed FlightView for the Pre.

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