Thursday, July 09, 2009

Amazon Reduced Kindle price to $299

Here is a news for Kindle lovers that Amazon’s e-book reader, the Kindle, reduced $60 in price today from $359 to $299, only five months after its launch .Amazon has cut the price of its Kindle ebook reading device by 17%.The price cut is something as a surpise for Kindle users.

May be With this discounted price ,Kindle is trying to attract more people towards its e-book reader for keeping the flow for sales of more books.

The Kindle 2 is now availiable for consumers for $299,instead of its previous price tag of $359.

Customers who have ordered Kindles earlier this month will get a $60 credit on the price difference.Amazon has not cut the price of its larger Amazon Kindle DX that's currently on sale for $489.

Amazon’s this move has put Kindle in a better position to compete with its rivals like Sony’s ,Cool-er by offering the almost same price slot.