Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YouTube will showcase full-length movies and TV programs

From now YouTube will showcase full-length movies and mainstream TV episodes on its Web site. And Google, which owns YouTube has announced its partnership with premium movie studios like Sony, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz, and the BBC. YouTube had signed deals with Hollywood studios to showcase thousands of TV episodes as well as hundreds of movies on its video-sharing Web site.

For expanding its library of movies ,TV programs and launching a new advertising service and content partners,it also predicted partnerships with 13 smaller companies such as National Geographic, Discovery Communications Inc. and SnagFilms LLC. Also the movies will be ad-supported, and ad revenue will be shared with the content owners.

YouTube plans to redesign the site in order to implement the premium content section while keeping its main concern on user-generated clips. Like Hulu, Youtube also makes mind to showcase video ads inside of the movie stream. But this functionality of youtube is limited for US viewers only, others residing outside the US have to wait for premium content videos.

"We think the prime-time slot of the future is very much user-programmed,” Shiva Rajaraman, a senior product manager for YouTube, told reporters in a conference call . He said users could come home to a mixture of TV shows, music videos and amateur videos. Last time the site announced a joint venture with Universal Music Group to create Vevo, a separate destination for music videos.

During commercial breaks in TV shows, YouTube decided to sell advertising. YouTube being the most popular site may charge for the premium content. Premium content is the feature that will help both YouTube and the studios make money online, and if there's one thing studios like, it's making money. YouTube has taken a giant step in the right direction to figuring out how to monetize the site.