Thursday, April 02, 2009

Remarkable entry of IBM into "Cloud Comuting"

Very soon IBM will be selling out a suite of Web-based collaboration software for the businesses. It will also be having contact management, instant messaging and file sharing programs; and it will the computing giant's biggest effort till date to sell out software as a service. Today the move that is going to be proclaimed rock bottom IBM Corp in opposition to companies which are by now established in the hatchling market for software as a service including: Microsoft, Google and privately held Zoho.

It is being said that $10 to $45 per user per month will be charged by IBM to the companies for its software suite. This software suite will be hosted at its own data centers; delivery will be via Web and will be available by April 7.

It has been said by the company’s Vice President that "What you are seeing are the beginnings of the whole IBM Company moving toward cloud computing".

Every body is curious to know what is this "Cloud computing"?

It is the latest buzz words in Silicon Valley. And it refers to various methods in which technology companies offer computing services over the Web from remote data centers, apparently from the cloud of the Internet.

Estimate of the Gartner Company is that the global market for cloud-based business software, computing services and storage will whole be about $10 billion this year and it will be merely a portion of the $223 billion which Gartner is projecting for the old-fashioned business software market alone.