Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Outsourcing for Business Growth

Source: Cxotoday.com

Infrastructure Management Outsourcing (IMO) has gained impetus in today's business scenario as CXOs want to keep their workforce agile and focus on their core business competencies and business strategy. By exercising this option, the total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is optimized while managing the complexities of today's diverse IT environment. It also helps in providing flexibility to transition and transform to the next generation of infrastructure and applications without investing in retraining or expensive skill upgrade.

"Although initially it was mostly the non-IT companies which opted for IMO as they lacked the competencies in managing a growing IT infrastructure, today even large IT companies opt for this business model as they believe in concentrating on their core objective of delivering value to their clients, rather than spending additional effort in maintaining a growingly complex IT infrastructure," said Kaushik Chandra, CTO, PricewaterhouseCooper.

KNK Venkataraman, vice president (global delivery) for technology infrastructure services at Wipro Technologies says that independent research firms estimate the worldwide IT infrastructure and applications outsourcing business to be now worth about USD 120 Billion per year, and Wipro's revenue for FY 06-07 stands at USD 657 Million.

Right from data centre management to the entire IT infrastructure management comes under the ambit of IMO. Desktop management, server management, help desk or level 0 database management, as well as network management are some of the services provided under it.