Wednesday, November 14, 2007

India, China Look to Collaborate on Software

China is captivating the worlds largest population that makes out to be a huge workforce. China outsourcing has soon come up as a strong gesture in the Asian outsourcing market. China is rapidly emerging as one of the World's leading suppliers of Offshore Software Outsourcing Services due to its incredible development rate. With the wages being cheaper than that of India, China Outsourcing is drawing attention of a lot of investing organizations.

Recently the steps taken by the Chinese Government to open up and collaborate in terms of economy has resulted in a comparatively transparent situation which has certainly encouraged China's Outsourcing environment.

With a vast force of computer literate waiting to explore and earn, China Outsourcing is all set to get into competition with its neighboring Indian market. The main reason for the development of China Outsourcing stands to be the cost factor.

China has recently set up a special division to lure the major Indian software firms. It is manned by Chinese officials who will work with Indian companies to understand their needs in order to get them to set up new centers in China.

Moreover a leading company based in Pune in India has signed a pact according to which the company will be training about thousand software project managers in India. It has been found that the project management skills are quite scarce in China and they are facing difficulties to get there programmers well trained.

The training would also include the communication and negotiation skills and work with the Zensar for its clients in eastern Europe and U.S.

Most large Indian software firms have small development centers in China and now determining whether the decision will make long-term business sense.

As per the planning the Chinese government is thinking to add another $100 million companies to train people with best skills in next three years.