Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DMS India Launches Online Outsourcing Projects Marketplace


DMS India launched the "Online Marketplace" to provide all businesses a single point where they can post their projects onto an open online marketplace and invite RFPs from various service providers or suppliers in a reverse auction real-world environment. The Online Marketplace aims at helping micro, small and medium sized enterprises take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing and showcasing their skills to larger firms who are streamlining the way they manage the services spend.

DMS India online outsourcing system will bring in a pool of all kinds of projects of any size from various countries, taking advantage of e-world and e-working brought about by Internet technologies. Companies will be able to post projects and access to projects which will include tenders, contracts and trade leads from all business industries. The Online Marketplace will not just concentrate on IT projects outsourcing but all industries including home decorations.

“It is a evolutionally way of doing modern business by companies who would like to stand tall and keep themselves afloat in this global economy where the challenges of survival and satisfying shareholders are enormous,” said DMS spokesman. “If you don’t outsource to reap the benefits, then your competitor will to sink your business. Service spend account over 50% of Fortune 1000 purchasing budgets, and all what we are saying is save at least 15% to 50% of those hard cost by using our Online Marketplace, where the small businesses would be able to do those projects.”

The recent global economy trends has been "outsourcing" where firms want to hire the services of an outsider to provide project-based work. Analyst reveal the need to maximize shareholder values, the forces of the need to survive in a global marketplace, high cost savings and the ability to access unique skills not readily at home as primary drivers of this trend. Outsourcing was initially thought to be for large corporations but now micro, small and medium sized enterprises are joining to fully discover and enjoy its benefits.