Monday, November 12, 2007

Biomedical engineering is the new wave of outsourcing from India – can India catch up?


Many Mechanical Engineering infrastructures are getting retooled in America to serve the biomedical engineering sector. As the baby boomers age in America, the demographic shift is causing a massive demand for better medical attention.

The baby boomers are flushed with cash. The research grant in biomedical engineering is astronomical in size. The opportunity resembles IT sector in 1980s.

The next wave of outsourcing will come from the biomedical engineering areas. The cardiovascular engineering, fluid mechanics, artificial self contained hearts, artificial optic nerves and brain cells are the name of the game in the next several years.

Can India catch up and provide the necessary support mechanism in the form outsourcing services that mainstream America will not like to perform?

Some say, India will exceed the expectations. In IT, Indian software engineers have performed superbly in performing reengineering of legacy systems that the western software engineers preferred not to work on. The same can follow in biomedical engineering.