Thursday, October 25, 2007

Security measures in Business Process Outsourcing

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Although security measures are already incorporated in some BPO companies, it is high time the checks are stringently implemented. With the increase in Information Technology Enabled Services, it has become a cakewalk for hackers to intrude in business matters. It is not just the aid of IT services, but mainly the psyche of the people working in these BPO companies. Every BPO should have their security policy and the employees should be asked to strictly follow them.

The recruiting process for these service providers should have number of rounds during the interview session so as to intake quality people at work. A check on their previous work performance records and personal as well as professional background details is a must. Any BPO should have proper domain knowledge and highly secure database. It is the responsibility of every employee to maintain the integrity of data received from customers. Equipments used should be tracked for any on-going illegal transactions and firewall protection should be developed which may prove as a hurdle in fraud delegations.

The servers for intranet and data-intake should be separate.Being a boon to the Business entity, outsourcing should not just be understood as a cost-saving measure to hand over a part of work of the business firm to a third party service provider. Instead, BPO in a wider sense is the cost saving transaction of non core processes by a business firm with an external source specialized in the concerned business process under strict guidelines for the security of database and other assets of the firm. At the end of the day, it is the business firm that gains output by the security of its assets. Precaution at the earliest will pave way for the proper execution of business delegations with the BPO industry. This will increase confidence of the existing and future clients, provide bigger deals and develop a satisfied customer.