Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Legal Outsourcing Becoming Popular

Outsourcing started to catch on in the profession as more U.S. corporations and firms realized with the nine-to-13 hour time difference between countries such as India and the United States, work that typically could not be finished before junior level associates or other staff returned to their desks in the morning, can be transmitted electronically to India and completed overnight.

Labeled a "popular ioption” issue, sending legal work to foreign countries has started to appeal to the legal industry as it provides fast turn around and money saved.

While the advantages of outsourcing legal work to India are recognized by some, others fear sending legal work to foreign countries will compromise its quality, which possibly could affect a practitioner's reputation or even bring forth a malpractice suit.

Among the disadvantages or the ill-effects of the legal outsourcing is only one worth considerable according to people is that you lose some of the control over the finished product that is the lack of understanding by the lawyer or lack of communication may lead to misunderstanding which may further lead to disinteresting case or building up of fatal reports.
Mostly research, brief writing, patent proofreading, prior arts searches, document review and various paralegal function is the kind of legal work that is outsourced to foreign countries and it's clear there is a possibility mistakes could be made in such a work.

Still, the legal community remains conflicted over the quality of work that is being outsourced. some people believe that you get what you pay for. If you want to pay $199 for your research project, you will get research worth $199.

hence it can be summed up that legal outsourcing is gaining popularity due to its victory with more advantages and less disadvantages.