Saturday, October 06, 2007

Joint push for outsourcing industry

The Malaysian outsourcing industry is good enough to compete against industry giants India and China; it just lacks proper branding and promotion, said the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

The industry needs a more focused promotions strategy if it wants to compete globally, said MDeC chief executive officer Datuk Badlisham Ghazali last week.

"It is MDeC's and Pikom's task to help showcase the capabilities of Malaysian IT companies," he said.

Badlisham, was speaking at a press conference after the signing of an agreement between MDeC and Pikom's (the Association of the Computer and Multimedia industry of Malaysia) Outsourcing Malaysia (OM) chapter.

MDeC is custodian of the MSC Malaysia initiative to showcase the country's strength as a global information and communications technology centre.

According to Badlisham, many countries are not familiar with the capabilities of Malaysian outsourcing companies. "We have companies here that design products and services for aircraft manufacturer Boeing, and produce games for Nintendo," he said.

But even with that, local and foreign businesses still hesitate to outsource to local companies because these companies cannot show a good track record, according to Badlisham.