Thursday, June 21, 2007

Less Cost, More Ease: That’s Online Tutorial Outsourcing for You


This is the actual picture of success of online tutorials from which many American families are reaping the benefits. Outsourcing to India has gained much popularity in the education business.

Nick Adams is just another high school student from Austin who always has had problem scoring good grades in exams. Nick used to get upset every time he saw his repeated failures of doing very poor in all his exams. His parents were quite worried about the repeated failure of their son and his inability to perform well in exams. After a lot of thought and consultations with Nick’s teachers they decided to try out providing nick the help and guidance of a private tutor. Like any other high scholar in America the main subjects that Nick lagged in were Maths, Science and English. However the Adams soon realized the exorbitantly high rates a private tutor charges in the US. The charges range from about $80-100. This is one of the main problems being faced by most American families like the Adams family that they cannot afford the luxury of providing their children private tuitions.

Not any more. The problem of cost has again been solved by a phenomenon that has helped America in reducing its costs for some time now. It’s called outsourcing. In this case it is called online tutorial outsourcing. To start of with online tutorial it involves a teacher and students who chat and interact with each other over a high speed internet connection and the teacher helps the student in grasping the basics of the subject being taught. So then what is online tutorial outsourcing? It means the online tutorials are outsourced to a company which may be locate miles away in India, which employs teachers, trains them according to American curriculum and accents and provides a platform for the teachers and students to associate with each other.

So what’s the use of online tutoring outsourcing? The foremost reason for its evolution is simply cost reduction. Another very important reason for its development has been flexibility. Take for example the case of Judy Duke. Judy had not been doing well in her exams. Her parents want her to get extra tuitions in the evening to cope up with the studies she doesn’t want to leave her passion for her studies. So what to do? She is helped by a teacher from India who teaches her in the night time. Moreover it costs her about ¼ of what she would have spent on private tuitions from her area. Makes sense, doesn't it?

"I had almost lost all hope of finding my son a good tutor until one day I came across a friend of mine who apprised me about online tutoring” says an elated Mr. Smith who’s ninth grade son has been taking online tuitions for about 6 months now. “At first I did not know that it was some person teaching him sitting in India but when I did I was a little worried. But no more worries as my son has improved a lot and it has not created a hole in my pocket. As long the person is giving good results and my son is happy I am least bothered about whether he is sitting at India or china or Bermuda.” exclaims Mr. Smith.

This is the actual picture of success of online tutorials from which many American families are reaping the benefits. Outsourcing to India has gained much popularity in the education business.

The No Child Left Behind act has acted as gasoline in the fire for the outsourcing of educational services to countries like India. The act was formulated to advise parents to provide private tuitions to many students in America who were underperforming in their school. Many companies like Trans tutors (, growing stars, etc. are based at India and are doing well in this business of educational services outsourcing. These companies like Trans tutors have established offices in India and operate online tutorial sites catering to students of America and Britain. They have well trained tutors and offer tremendous cost advantage to the companies which are already into online tutorials and are based at America. Many companies in the business and based at America have outsourced their business to companies like Trans tutors and are reaping the benefits.

It’s like profits minus the costs. Online tutoring outsourcing is working wonders for American students not just for school students but students in college, pre college and exam preparation levels. It is the destiny of tomorrows’ education industry.