Saturday, June 02, 2007

2007 Outsourcing Excellence Award For Unisys, Illinois


The outsourcing engagement between Unisys Corporation and Illinois Tollway has won a 2007 Outsourcing Excellence Award in the annual Outsourcing Center awards programme sponsored by Everest Group and Forbes magazine. The award for 'Best IT Application' recognises the e-commerce benefits the partners are delivering to the Illinois state government and users of Illinois' I-PASS electronic toll collection system.

"The Illinois Tollway is gratified by this major recognition of our efforts to improve customer service for our 2.8 million I-PASS customers," said John Mitola, chairman, board, Illinois Tollway. "Unisys expertise in the business of government and IT outsourcing have been instrumental in furthering both the Tollway's mission and our governor's initiatives to provide an infrastructure that serves I-PASS users with increasing efficiency."

Alfred G. Binford, vice president and managing partner, North America, Unisys Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services, said, "Unisys is proud to be recognised for helping further the Illinois Tollway's mission to make highway travel more convenient for the state's motorists while increasing operational and cost efficiencies that benefit Illinois taxpayers."

The systems support an Oracle database that houses account information of motorists collected through transponders as well as by transactions completed through the system's Web-based interface or interactive voice response (IVR) telephone system.

The integrated system offers numerous benefits to participating and non-participating motorists alike, the company said. A recent enhancement allows cash payers who do not have coins or accidentally drive through an I-PASS-Only lane to pay their missed tolls online and avoid fines. The portal also provides commuters with detailed information, such as construction plans and road delays.