Saturday, April 15, 2006

Outsourcing Software Development to IndiaWebDevelopers

Once you are convinced that outsourcing is essentially the best bet for your company, the critical question is - whom do I outsource to? You know that choosing the right partner can put you onto an expressway to growth and financial success.

Based on this understanding, you could spend the next few months wading through realms of data to find that right partner, or you could consider IndiaWebDevelopers, a 6 year old web development company with a track record of successful project implementation to clients across the world.
We are the one you are looking for if:

* You want an outsourcing partner who has both experience and expertise
* You are looking for an ethical outsourcing partner who is reliable
* You are looking for long term relationships
* You want a risk free outsourcing experience
* You don't want to have sleepless nights thinking about information security and failure of outsourcing projects

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing to IndiaWebDevelopers makes business sense:

* Because you need an expert
* Because you believe that doing business online should not cost you an arm and a leg
* Because you would like some control over the development of your web site or application
* Because you prefer to manage your business, not your software vendors
* Because your success is ensured with a successful partner

1. Because you need an expert

IndiaWebDevelopers understands that as a businessperson, you expect your software partner to be more than just someone who simply does what he's been told. As experts we understand that we have a responsibility give you value additions by responding to your ideas with enhancements, options, suggestions and even warnings, where necessary. Since 1999, we have walked the talk - using the Internet to acquire projects, execute and deploy a majority of our 140 projects completed so far for clients across all continents. As an organization dedicated to better software development, we keep track of new developments in processes and products that will help your business do better. Unlike in-house development team, our employee Enhancement policies ensure that our team update themselves through Brain Bench or Microsoft certifications in their respective areas of expertise.

2. Because you believe that doing business online should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Based in Bangalore , India (the Silicon Valley of Asia), we can offer you the twin advantages of affordable costs and high quality. Thus custom ecommerce projects that in the US / Europe cost in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 can be developed at a fraction of the cost when developed in India . No wonder Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, GE, Reuters, HP, Dell and Oracle find outsourcing to India works! Leading software consultancies such as McKinsey and Forrester have declared that India is now the global hub for software development and software enabled services. Combined with the advantages of the world's second largest pool of English speaking scientific and engineering talent, lower costs of living and strong Government backing for the software sector, it's not surprising that IndiaWebDevelopers can pass on the outsourcing benefits while still remaining profitable.
3. Because you need control over the development of your web site or application

Since we work from the Business Vision , all we really require to start is to clearly understand your business model. But in order to ensure that you are kept informed on the progress of the application and provide opportunities to give feedback and inputs, we encourage you to approve, sign off or discuss changes at key points during the course of the development cycle . At each key point, we take the time to discuss the work completed thus far with you and will proceed with the next stage only when you are completely satisfied with the work completed. On fixed scope/ fixed price projects, IndiaWebDevelopers also offers a phased payment schedule that not only smoothens out your cash flow, but also ensures that you pay each installment only when you approve the work done in the previous stage.
4. Because you prefer to manage your business, not your software vendors

Making a website successful takes more than just good programming. It needs to be hosted with a reliable service provider, promoted, updated, maintained and backed up by competent support staff to manage the suggestions, complaints and questions that invariably come with any successful online venture. At IndiaWebDevelopers, we understand that our success comes with long-term partnerships with clients who succeed. We believe that you should get the time you need to focus on building your business, and we will give the best in what we are good at.
5. Because your success is ensured with a successful outsourcing partner

Statistics from the US Small Business Administration show that more than two thirds of all small business who have successfully developed ecommerce solutions go on to earn more that what they spend on developing the website. As you grow, you need a partner who will be around tomorrow to ensure that your software and websites adapt to reflect this growth. IndiaWebDevelopers has had continuous 80% plus growth since it's inception in 99. That's because we have been constantly upgrading our capability to provide better-designed applications - thorough a focus on better people, better processes and better tools. So wherever you go and however big you become, you know you'll have a partner who'll grow with you.

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