Friday, April 28, 2006

Offshore Trust

For many years due to their high cost trusts were reserved for only the wealthy. However, today with the information superhighway more and more people are finding out that a Offshore Trust can be establish by professionals without the inherent high cost.

There are concerns for all of us as we see our resources come under increasing risk; taxes eating away at our earnings; and the needs to assure funds for education, retirement and health maintenance growing.

More and more people just like you are seeking ways to cope in today's complex financial world. Thousands are looking to foreign jurisdictions where taxes are non-existent or minimal. Millions of families rely upon trusts to guard against confiscatory taxes, judgments and claims of creditors. Older people are using trusts to assure comfortable retirement in the face of expected long life and the possibility of ending their days in a nursing care facility.

Young people see in trusts the opportunity to accumulate wealth which otherwise would be limited by taxes, regulation and assessments. It requires little imagination for you to realize how much more you can benefit through a properly established and professionally managed Offshore Trust.

Depending on your citizenship, residency, motives, objectives or dreams, resources can be managed by a trustee offshore to minimize, avoid or delay taxes; encounter no problems with inheritance wishes; and have resources beyond the reach of those who would seek judgments against beneficiaries.

If ever there was a time when an offshore Trust should be considered for personal or business financial planning, it is now.

The Belize Trust Act of l992 that incorporates the best of a number of offshore jurisdictions is fast becoming the leader in the establishment of Offshore Trusts.

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