Monday, April 17, 2006


Programmers and developers outside the U.S. are currently in a position to take advantage of a rapidly growing realization by U.S. companies that software can be created and maintained offshore in other countries at a fraction of the cost of having it done domestically.

U.S. companies are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the concept of offshore outsourcing. They can clearly see the benefits. Costs can be up to 70% lower, work quality can be on par with that of local or in-house developers, and risks can be low.

Although many U.S. companies are now using offshore resources for project development and support, the overall number is relatively small when compared to the potential. However, that number is growing at an ever-increasing rate as this strategy becomes more accepted as a normal way of business in the U.S.

As more companies achieve success in using this methodology, other companies will be encouraged to use it themselves. In fact, many companies will find it necessary to use offshore resources simply to maintain a competitive position in their area of business. Some will see it as a survival tactic.

This represents an enormous expanding opportunity for offshore talent. Never have the possibilities been as great as right now

In order to take advantage of this opportunity; offshore programmers, software developers, and Internet designers must fully understand how to do business with U.S. customers if they want to be successful. This means understanding the customers’ needs, his concerns, and his business methods.

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