Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Offshore Development

Offshore development may seem as if it is a recent trend in business management but contrary to this, the concept has been around for many years. Business process outsourcing (BPO) to other countries has been the solution for many manufacturing and information technology firms in reducing operational costs without sacrificing the quality of the product or service. In addition, offshore development establishes a good international relationship for both countries involved. This is because the outsourcing country helps increase the employment rate of these countries by creating new job vacancies for thousands of talented yet unemployed people.

The manufacturing industry has seen a trend in this over the last decade, with a number of companies handling the design aspect for their garments in Europe, and the actual manufacturing in developing countries such as India, South America, and South East Asia. The notable local talent as well as professional competency in these countries , in line with the lower costs have proven to be a winner, attracting more western software development companies to set up operations in these developing economies.

Similarly, this trend has also become the Internet standard in recent years, as seen in companies such as www.444.Net. Developed by the Dutch - Belgium management team headed by Danny Wirken and Luc Jansen, 444.Net executes their online businesses from developing nations such as Venezuela, Colombia, India and Bulgaria.

In a nutshell, offshore development does not only help promote business growth for a business. It also enriches the lives of people in countries with a lower employment rate. In effect, global cooperation and partnerships blossom and pave the way for even more international business.

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