Friday, August 05, 2005

Security slips out of top-5 IT priorities ranking

From: zdnetblog

August’s IT priorities data reveals a reshuffling of the most important projects as reported by IT pros. Security dropped from the fourth position down to six, opening the door for the first time for both Web technology and IT management to secure spots in the top-5 list.
At the top of the list are wired and wireless, software infrastructure, and hardware upgrades. VoIP continues its reign as both the number one overall initiative and the most talked about technology in the tech media it seems (or at least on our site). Respondents also listed ERP, server upgrades, e-commerce, and regulatory issues as their current top priorities.
August IT Priorities of large organizations:
Wired and wireless: networking projects are the number one ongoing initiative for over two years running.
Software infrastructure comes in at second place as companies upgrade their ERP applications and weigh in on software designed for verticals.
Hardware upgrades remains the number three top priority as organizations continue to upgrade and consolidate their IT infrastructure.
At number four is Web technology, with renewed interest in e-commerce and Web services that underpin the looming world of SOAs (Service-oriented Architectures).
IT management rounds out the top-5 list this month as IT managers grapple with regulatory issues and begin to see through the short term hype of outsourcing to weigh in on the long term impact.
Security, which dropped to sixth place this month, is mainly about filtering out spyware these days.
Data management is the next priority as companies work to get the most intelligence out of their data warehouses.
OS migration is the eighth priority with many organizations migrating to Windows 2003 and Linux.
The final priority, application development, rounds out the list according to our data as companies reap the benefits of integration

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