Monday, August 29, 2005

Offshore Outsourcing : Advantage India (Vs China)

Hitherto much of the growth and news related to developing software overseas has been focused on India where the practice first got started. However, latest researches uphold that companies should plan their offshore outsourcing stratagems to take advantage of China’s budding strength as an outsourcing center, as well as looking for ways to take advantage of the country’s current software strengths. But China, the so called competitor to Indian Offshore Outsourcing industry clearly lacks many advantages that Indians offer to their clients .

The lack of English language skills is one of the first weak spots s that puts the Chinese on the back foot. The lack of proficiency in English – which undoubtedly has the global currency – creates for them (the Chinese) a treacherous void resulting in cultural gap and linguistic miscommunication.

The most cited apprehension with outsourcing to China is the country’s depressing image for protecting intellectual property. Also, country’s strained relations with USA for numerous reasons (like selling Nuclear Technology to Pakistan, its colonization of Tibet, and other political economic, and diplomatic conflicts with USA) act as a fuel in the fire of the overall notoriety of Chinese political and economic system. Overall image of Chinese polity in general is pathetic . This becomes a deterrent in the amount of faith to be posited in the Chinese firms opting for outsourcing.
Communicational Infrastructure is another critical factor when deciding where to outsource., Though China is rapidly developing its voice and data networks inside the country still additional bandwidth is required.
It’s important to keep in mind that China lacks, the most important deciding factors required in identifying an outsourcing provider – i.e. , the appropriate mix of experience, quality and cultural understanding.

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