Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Is Outsourcing really causing problems?

One of the most common reasons, other than security, loss of workforce etc., given against offshore outsourcing is that it is difficult to persuade the clients that their information is safe with a company thousands of miles away with the country having different policies, regulations, strategies, tradition etc. So it is natural that the clients might fear of losing the important information but this is not an issue that needs to be highlighted much. This information revealing risk can be minimized by encrypting the important data. Also the work to be sent offshore can be broken into chunks while transferring it and then can be re-assembled again at the destination. Secondly, if the company is really a big name in itself, it can also open its own offshore center having local staff made available by the second party. The other solution is to outsource to a large number of vendors and to the vendors having a good reputation. Thus, according to me there is no point in making a hue and cry regarding this problem as numerous solutions are available…and of course, advantages weigh more in front of the disadvantages of offshore outsourcing.

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