Friday, January 02, 2009

Power your Imagination with WordPress 2.7

The first thing that comes in notice is how the interface is when one uses an application. And this is the most noticeable thing in the latest version of Wordpress 2.7. This Wordpress 2.7 is much faster than the other previous versions. It is available in two formats and is also known as “Coltrane”. In it every screen is customizable.

In WordPress 2.7 small layout changes are bit by bit applied. Some elements like multiple dashboards are directly implemented to or so there is nothing to worry if the changes are not deflected/reflected the same time you apply them. All the amendments made in the 2.7 version are as a result of the combined effect of the usability testing performed on the 2.5 version and Crazyhorse

After implementing latest version 2.7, it will be possible to drag and drop or show and hide many UI elements. So this Coltrane offers a good interface flexibility. WordPress Version 2.7 consisted of bugfixes, feature enhancements, and security fixes. Moreover it also provides with the facility of automatic up-gradation.

Features of Wordpress 2.7
  1. Dashboard Redesign. The new design is based on usability eye-tracking tests.
  2. Sticky posts. Enables to keep a post pinned to the top of home page.
  3. Single Insert Media button. This media button automatically figures out what type of media is being uploaded.
  4. Quick In-line Editing. It is done with the help of AJAX Technology to edit posts without fully refreshing the page.
  5. Comments API. It updates and moderates the comments from mobile device.
  6. Dashboard comment replies. It replies to comments directly from the Dashboard.
  7. Threaded comments. It allow users to thread their comments. Threading helps in understanding the conversation.
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts. It is similar to the abundance of shortcuts in Google Reader.
  9. Automatic plug-in install in browser. It facilitates to install new plug-ins directly from within your blog, rather than using FTP.
More features that can be added in Wordpress 2.7
  1. Automatic upgrades.
  2. Web host updating.
  3. Security.
  4. Media.
  5. WordPress as Hub.
  6. BackPress.
  7. Fashion + Tattoos.
  8. Year of Themes.
  9. Screencasts.
  10. WordPress TV.
At A1 Technology we will add QuickPress, comment threading, paging, and the facility to reply to comments from your dashboard, the facility to install any plug-in directly from with a single click, and sticky posts etc. Our team promises you to meet all the standards of art publishing and deliver you the best.