Monday, January 19, 2009

Docstoc: Web Based Alternative for My Documents

How about just uploading the files you want to exchange through your web browser? How about sharing your photos with your friends?

In this Jet age everyone is looking for such kind of quick solutions for document sharing and there are ‘N’ number of companies claim to provide these services only. The most important issue to be addressed is security i.e. “What is the safe and easy way to share confidential information on web”?

Docstoc solves the problem with an integrated solution. It combines the best of email, Adobe Acrobat and a document management systems to enable users to share and collaborate in a simple and secure way.

Main Features of Docstoc application following:

  • You can upload any document from your desktop in just few clicks
  • All documents on docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free.
  • The documents can be categorized into Legal, Business, Financial, Educational, Technology, Creative and Buzz.
  • Docstoc MyDocs lets you store all your documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf) in your own online folders for anytime, anywhere access.
  • DocStoc make automatic backups of your documents online

For Private Documents:

Docstoc’s ‘My Docs’ feature allows user to upload documents and keep it private. The documents status can be set to public use, which will allow other Docstoc users to download the file. The Documents can be shared via email or embedded into a blog or a website.

Uploading documents from desktop to Docstoc

One of the best features of Docstoc is ‘Docstoc Sync’ a free application, which will allow users to sync documents from desktop to ‘My Docs’. The documents can be easily published to ‘Docstoc Public Documents’ folder by setting the permission to Public Use. To upload a document, users need only drag their files into the special folder, and sync will automatically upload the doc to the user’s linked Docstoc profile. You have the option to keep them private or publish them publicly on Docstoc by putting then in your “Docstoc Public Documents” folder from your desktop.

Email Publishing

If you have a Docstoc account registered to your email address, all you have to do is send the document you want uploaded as an email attachment to It’s the fastest way to upload a document to the Web. Once it’s been successfully uploaded, you receive a confirmation email with a link to the Webified document. Docstoc turns Word files, PDFs, Powerpoints, and other documents into a Flash embed.

So it is truly said that “Docstoc Brings ‘My Documents’ Replacement To The Web”.