Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Picasa for Mac

Google is going to release a beta version of Picasa for Mac OS X, helping Apple fans catch up to Windows and Linux users already employing the free tool for editing, cataloging, and uploading photos. Picasa is a photo organizer, A photo editor, A web-savvy photo sharing and management system in just one small package.

Google previously offered both a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and an iPhoto plugin for Mac users, Picasa for Mac finally brings all of the advanced sharing and sync features of Picasa to the millions of Mac OS X users who use Picasa Web Albums. Not to mention the "it-slices-and-dices" feature list that covers everything from color balance to collages.

It is believed that mac version and features in Picasa 3 for windows are very much similar. Though google has been scrambling to include some secondary features such as geotagging and the ability to get photos printed, the core abilities of Picasa are still present.

With Picasa editing and printing photos, making collages and movies, adding labels is also possible. Along with this it is also possible to add star ratings and tags. If anybody wants to upload images to the Picasa on-line Web Albums site and hence make sharing possible then it can also be done with Picasa easily.

According to Google, in building Picasa for Mac, they have tried to make sure it plays well with iPhoto. Picasa takes a special read-only approach to editing photos stored in the iPhoto library, duplicating files as needed, so ones iPhoto library isn't ever affected when one use Picasa.