Monday, January 12, 2009

Outsourcing, a recession proof tool to deal with global financial collapse

Year 2008, begining of global recession. Everywhere - newspapers, radio, TV, Internet - you hear and see these words "Global Meltdown", "Recession". Experts call it a financial collapse.So the demand of the situation is to find out the ways to reduce the expenses with minimum losses for business. I strongly believe that Outsourcing your projects to third world countries where the experts are available in cheap can be a good remedy to save oneself from the claws of global recession.

Offshor Outsourcing can solve the problems resulting from the current situation.This is the time when ompanies are trying to get rid of extra costs, including employee base and the expenses paid to the outsourcing company are far less than those connected with keeping your own employees completing the same task.

Outsourcing has always been fruitful to those who opted for it and in the current financial situation companies realize the necessity of outsourcing more than ever. Offshore Outsourcing is emerging as recession-proof business tool. The use of remote, lower cost offshore resources to deliver ITO and BPO services continued to grow during this global crisis.

Even Outsourcing Companies have started a new strategy to compete with recession by increasing the working time of the staff, higher the quality of out put and reduce the out put time.From now on businesses will only be in need of IT that can deliver true value in terms of business performance".

New Poll also shows that Recession Would Not Impact Global Outsourcing Trend. TROY, Mich. -- Syntel, Inc. (NASDAQ:SYNT), a global information technology services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm, surveyed 373 Fortune 1000 IT executives of global companies on their views of the global outsourcing industry. Syntel asked participants to select one of three responses to this poll question:

"With talk of recession in the U.S., do you think:

  • Offshore outsourcing demand would remain strong
  • Offshore outsourcing would be mildly impacted
  • Offshore outsourcing would be negatively impacted

The results were: demand would remain strong: 60%

To sum up, outsourcing industry will probably be the most 'surviving' sphere these tough days due its high necessity for companies that want their business running smoothly.