Monday, March 24, 2008

RP software industry forms group for global marketing

Source : Click

The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) is forming a consortium that will market Philippine-made software overseas.

Industry officials said the consortium is going to an outsourcing forum in New York this July with hopes of making some deals.

"This is a coming together of software companies to form a consortium of smaller software developers in the country so they can sell bigger," said Ma. Rosario Gruet, a PSIA director.

"We are building an inventory of skills that we can showcase abroad. We want to work together instead of compete with one another," she said.

Gruet said PSIA is working closely with the Department of Trade and Industry to sell Filipino software initially as a service, especially with the popularity of offshoring and outsourcing (O&O).

Blast Asia president and chief executive Arup Maity estimated the PSIA's combined revenues at about $300 million in 2007. The group has 110 members at present.

According to a report by the Business Process Association of the Philippines, the software development industry is one of the top earners in the O&O sector, raking in revenues of $423 million last year, up 56 percent from 2006.

This was largely accounted for by key players Accenture, Headstrong, Microsoft, IBM Solutions, Jupiter Systems, Oracle, ADTX Solutions, TrendMicro, Gurango, Intel, etc.

There are 120 software development companies in the country that employ nearly 30,000 IT professionals.

For 2007, the O&O sector recorded a total of $4.88 billion in revenues, higher than the $3.3 billion it had in 2006.

It is on track to reaching its goal of $13 billion in revenues by 2010.