Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Indian offshoring company Satyam opens up in Egypt

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Satyam Computer Services Ltd., a leading global consulting and informationtechnology services company, has announced the launch of its Global DevelopmentCentre GDC in Smart Village in Giza, following a visit to the companys Hyderabadheadquarters by officials from the Government of Egypt to strengthen the agreementbetween the two parties. As the first Indian company to establish its presence inEgypt, Satyam has achieved another important step towards its globalisation plansand its aim to leverage the current boom in the region, which saw the total IT spendfor the MEA region touch USD 35 billion in 2007. The move is also a testament to theemergence of Egypt as an IT hub with the IT Services market in the country projectedto reach USD 163 million in 2007.

The GDC in Egypt will train and deploy about 300 personnel, majority of which arelocals, to handle customer engagements and serve as a major technologicaldevelopment and software support group for Satyams customers in the Middle East.Fuelled by the growth of the IT services market and the growing demand foroutsourcing, Satyam has set up the stateoftheart GDC in a bid to offer regionalcustomers access to the global service standards of Satyam at local prices.Throughout the project, the company has worked closely with the Government of Egypt,which aims to ensure the development of local talent by involving reputed expatriateprofessionals with Egyptian nationals in a bid to deliver highend projects acrossthe region.

As we approach an era of convergence between strategic business operations andinformation technology, we recognise Egypt as one among the countries in the regionthat are steadily moving towards the global IT market spotlight in terms of thematurity of its software offshoring industry. This has prompted us to establish astrong presence in Egypt through our partnership with the government to establishthe Global Development Centre, which will aid in building a reputation for Egypt asa global software offshoring resource hub, said Virender Aggarwal, Director and Sr.Vice President, Satyam AsiaPacific, Middle East and Africa. With the success ofthis venture, we are looking forward to adding value due to the proximity to ourcustomers and contributing to the growth of the outsourcing industry in the region. Satyam has pioneered the virtually integrated delivery model 2.0 VIGDM, whichrenders services from multiple locations across the globe in real time. Further, thecompanys strategy to leverage the local advantage that each region provides interms of a resourcebase and business opportunities, has been evident in its globaldelivery campuses in China and Malaysia and now in Egypt, along with the opening ofits regional offices in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, KSA and Jordan. The GlobalDevelopment Center in Egypt is the first phase of expansion planned by Satyam in theMiddle East, with the company also looking at Saudi Arabia as a viable market for asecond GDC in the region.

Satyams growth in the regional and global market reflects the effectiveness of thestrategic expansion plans, which we have implemented to address the growingrequirements of businesses to reach their own markets. In our commitment towardsrevolutionizing traditional outsourcing practices by developing effectivemethodologies, we have developed our multicountry model, which offers the mostconvenient customised business solutions in the market today. The establishment ofthe Global Development Centre in Egypt takes us one step closer towards successfullytaking our established industry standards to the next level, which we are lookingforward to perfect for the benefit of the our clients and the whole industry aswell, concluded Aggarwal.

Prior to the launch of the GDC, Satyams presence in the Egypt market had been highlighted by a banking solutions event, which it organised in partnership with Oracle. With aims of driving its firm commitment to the Egypt market by increasingbusiness opportunities in the banking sector, Satyam and Oracles initiativeattracted over 50 delegates from 15 locally based banks who discussed their businesschallenges and gained significant information on the wide spectrum of Satyamsolutions. The event, which was opened by Donald Thomas, WITS Alliance Director,Oracle Corporation MEA, featured interactive discussions on the companys offerings,thereby reaffirming Satyams commitment to Egypt and the Middle East region.