Monday, August 13, 2007

NZ papers outsource editing

The changes mean news editing and layout operations at the nation's biggest daily, The New Zealand Herald, and a string of regional dailies will be done by an outside contractor, he said.

Mr Neville, who has led the editorial production re-engineering project for APN, said he was confident readers would not notice the difference in the papers' editing and design.

He said although there was a lot of international interest in the project, "people will be sitting and making sure we can make it work first".

"I've got no doubt about it being a success," he said.

APN is half-owned by Dublin's Independent News & Media PLC, which publishes 175 newspapers and magazines around the world and operates radio stations and outdoor advertising sites in Australia and New Zealand.

IN&M is owned by Irish businessman Tony O'Reilly, whose Irish newspapers are taking up the same editorial outsourcing strategy.

Mr Neville said 20 full-time sub-editors would work at contractor Pagemasters New Zealand "operating on an extension of APN's Cyber computer editorial production system" at a site 20 minutes from the editorial offices.

Pagemasters is a subsidiary of Australian Associated Press.

After six weeks, when all Herald editing and make-up had been transferred to Pagemasters, "we move to the Aucklander weekly ... the Herald on Sunday ... and in October we will start transferring to regional papers," Mr Neville said.