Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ways to Successful Offshore Outsourcing

Document is prime requirements in the process of Offshore Outsourcing. For example if the of native technical staff cannot read your mind about what you want in the product or project, how can geographically distant, non-native English speakers understand the requirements of client during the Offshore Outsourcing process.
Training of the Offshore Outsourcing team is important. The main thing is that outsourcing staff needs to know how the product works, both from the internals and from the perspective of knowing the problems the client wants to solve. Especially if you have Software Development occurring in multiple sites around the globe, you require a clear change process to make sure only the changes you want are allowed which makes by developing an appropriate change process.

Qualify provide by the vendor is equally important while Offshore Outsourcing process. Does the vendor have domain knowledge or not? Is it financially viable? Are there enough contractual safeguards in place to keep control over the intellectual property that you give it? These are some of the question to be asked before going for Offshore Outsourcing of the work.

The selection of Offshore Outsourcing projects with nonvolatile requirements is also important criteria. If the requirements changes frequently and it needs to check out the evolving product with the user, Offshore Software Development Outsourcing across the international makes it much harder. Planning of in-house staff by shifting their work hours is one another way for better process. If there is not enough people shifted to work earlier or later in the day, then someone across the overseas country who has a problem won't find someone to talk to.

Offshore Outsourcing

Make one of the best project managers as internal project manager by assigning him or her. Because there is a project manager at the client doesn't mean vendor don't need someone in their office to make sure all the appropriate handoffs are happening or not. Plan for each project to take longer and cost more, especially at the beginning of an Offshore Outsourcing relationship. The thumb rule is to increase the estimated time by 30% for the first Software project and then monitor the project to see if it needs to increase that estimate. Insist that the Offshore Outsourcing organizations keep the same team for client project's whole duration. Otherwise, the time spent on training by their people is wasted and vendor will have to start the training process again.

In placebo supported of the Offshore Outsourcing team make sure you have the tools, information systems and processes. They will need access to the source code, defect tracking system, database or other platform applications, builds, etc. which the same project tools that the internal IT-teams need. The verification that the people working on your Software project are the ones actually working on the same one. American organizations have been using the bait and switch approach to contracting for number of years. If client don't verify periodically who is working on their Software project, the project could be the learning ground for their newer staff to build their career. Well, the non American Offshore Outsourcing company has learned the same technique.

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