Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Outsourcing India has proved Beneficial

US jobs overseas remains an emotional tension, as Offshore Outsourcing India has proved Beneficial from the business point of view. Outsourcing India was a reality of the 21st century, but yet India has to prove itself by opening its market for various American goods. The competitiveness and productivity gained by US business are jobs created as a result of outsourcing many jobs are sent overseas to India, China, Japan and many other foreign destinations.

Outsourcing India is now thunderous as a rule each Indian employee represents an annual savings of $20-30,000 when compared to American employers. US businesses are gaining productivity and competitiveness as a result of outsourcing. Such savings, quality of work is gaining its importance. The skills and talents of India which were hidden earlier are now being exposed by Offshore Outsourcing. India Software Development has gained its huge momentum gain by outsourcing job to India. Therefore multinational companies are getting more complex work in all the fields of Software to Biotechnology and even financial services. Corporate countries like US or UK can no more thank it is immune to Indian competition. India has ranked the first Third World Nation who has thought of increasing its country’s economic factor by using its brain power by Software Outsourcing to all the other manufacturing high technology. Software India has proved its strategy to have a global experience in Software Outsourcing.

Outsourcing India is not a ‘zero-sum’ game. It has created value for all the American small and big companies to gain respect and deliver their goods to India. It has freed the American resources for activities with more value added. So both US and India are in win-win position. Outsourcing India is a whole process wherein people from all corners put their brain, ideas as a team, raise the capital, and build long-term services which India cannot do sitting alone in India.

Outsourcing India

The innovative companies of US bring their market to India for quicker, cheaper and better performance in dealing with complex project as India’s resources are much cheaper than any of the countries of US offshore or onshore. This increases the pace of innovative cycle. The intellectuals developed in Offshore Outsourcing are gaining its momentum. More than half of the fortune 500 companies including other leading nations like Europe, China, and Japan have chosen India for its brainpower and low-waged man-power available in India. It becomes the vendors’ hell to think on how to pay the high-wage salary to its recruiters, think about employees, recruitment, giving those homes and other necessities to meet the requirement of the client who is based offshore.

Outsourcing India has proved beneficial and crucial for US counties, because it is completely out of question for US countries to produce some stuff cheaper than India and China and or produce or develop such a stuff which India and China cannot- which is absolutely out of question. The reason for US companies to offshore jobs is to reduce costs associated with the workforce. US companies have less productive equipment and more expensive workforce whereas new Software houses developed in India have more productive equipment and cheaper workforce. There is not much political rigidity towards outsourcing India. If the production is moved to Offshore Outsourcing, then the net result is easy to grab as the design engineers and production engineers speak the same language. Thus in this way US is distributing its wealth evenly to all the countries through which Globalization is coming in picture. Thus Outsourcing India has proved Beneficial.

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