Friday, January 12, 2007

Tips for Offshore Outsourcing

There are some tips for Offshore Outsourcing procedure and can be very useful at the time of selection procedure.

1. To start such overseas dealings first of all prepare a detailed requirement study for the project and also make a list of documents with the business logic behind the whole procedure.

2. If you have any idea about the technologies to be used prepare a detailed list of all needs.

3. But if you don’t have any idea, it is better to hire someone onshore to prepare for the system requirement study and document for the project.

4. After gathering all requirements and everything are clear on your side, start the search first for overseas country and then for the company.

5. Google search engine can be useful for your required expertise area company.

6. After gathering the huge list of the Offshore Outsourcing service providers form the search, surf the websites of the companies that you find useful for your projects.

7. Some of the criterias that you can look for while surfing the websites of the company like, since how long they are in such overseas business, what are their strengths and weakness, their positive and negative reviews in the market, their work experiences and expertise, and many more can be useful at the beginning stage.

8. After short listing few companies, now its time to prepare a general enquiry about your requirements and also make sure that you submit those enquiries by company’s website’s feedback form.

9. In the initial stages of inquiries you should ask to know more about company, their prior experience about same projects, inquiry about their pricing and project execution policies and strategies and such things.

10. In such Offshore Development inquiries keep one thing in mind “DO NOT DISCLOSE” any informations about your project documents unless and until you are satisfied by the reply of company. Signing of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before disclosing by both of you is very important.

11. Make sure to mention jurisdiction which can bound both of you as in many countries having cross border agreement doesn’t work. Like for India you may write jurisdiction and laws applicable of Common Wealth Nations where India is a member country along with few developed nations.

12. After selecting the company for Offshore Development services prepares a full statement of work in tandem with the company.

13. Its time to prepare a draft of Agreement from your Lawyer or some consultants for the further procedure and send it to the company for their opinions on it.

14. If possible also fly to company’s main office in their own country. It would help you understand the company in better manner.
All these are some of the important tips for the companies who are willing to go for Offshore Outsourcing services.