Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why Offshore Software Development?

Software development is indeed a very costly process where an entire process requires experienced and skilled professional / programmers along with expensive equipment and resources. For a company that specializes in some other field than software, it is indeed cumbersome to maintain a dedicated team of software developers with a facility. This has given rise to offshore software development. With offshore software development, a company or organization can keep focused on its core area of operations while outsourcing its software related jobs to organizations that specialize in offshore software development, thereby not only gaining on costs, but also on core area of focus.

In last few years there has been a tremendous growth in offshore development service providing organizations. This is partly due to a rapid growth in digitized applications and partly due to IT globalization that has taken place with countries like India, Ireland, and Israel showing significant growth in software development.

Advantages of Offshore Development Services:

1.Offers enormous cost benefits
2.Offers an immediate access to a pool of specialized / talented technical skilled professionals
3.Ensures quality and high security with the customer's proprietary software specifications.
4.Customized and core competencies based products.

Risks associated with Offshore Development Services.

1.Communication is a problem in an offshore development project.
2.Cultural differences often form hindrances in an offshore development relationship.
3.Infrastructure challenges hinder work in an offshore development project
4.Offshore software development relationships may also be hindered due to either political or natural disasters

By offshoring your software development needs you get complete end-to-end solutions including web application, software products, and design from small and medium sized enterprises at an economical cost. An Offshore service provider delivers a variety of e-commerce projects for a diverse range of industries including high-traffic scaleable B2B and B2C web solutions, advanced e-commerce solutions, dynamic web sites, and more. The entire development process follows a rigorous and proven methodology to analyze the project requirements, define its goals, and plan a detailed roadmap to achieve these goals of defining, designing, and developing software projects and implementation.

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