Monday, July 03, 2006

Keeping in touch with your offshore programming projects

Customer satisfaction towards the regular and honest work is always beneficial in the field of programming for offshore projects. As a programmer working for offshore company, you must keep in mind that the customer is always right and you must take care of his requirement. It is very important while working for offshore customers to show them your progress on their projects.

As you are an offshore programmer who is programming their projects, it won't be feasible for them to visit you or have a look on the prototypes or any sort of development so it will be very beneficial and feasible for you as well as your customer to be in touch during the development of the offshore project that you are programming. It can be achieved by the following:

Proper Planning is very important

For a customer to be satisfied, your program must be in a well planned state. A proper planning is the key to success. For successful completion of the offshore project that you are programming, it must be ensured that it doesn't move away from its targeted goals. You must involve the offshore customer in your project for a clear definition of the project. Daily updating the offshore client is the feature of a best programming. In a programming field, offshore customer satisfaction highly depends on the preparation of documents, layouts, and report format by the programmer.

Show Prototype of the offshore project

For an offshore programmer like you, timely and quality delivery of the project and 100% client satisfaction must be implemented through the programming. Prototypes are the predefined strategies. Any offshore company always believes in seeing a well designed model of the software that is under development, from the programmer. Show your prototype to your customer and discuss the changes required in your software, if any.

If you are running an offshore company, you must do the following things regularly and honestly:

·Everyday collect the project's actual progress status from team members.

·Send the daily reports to your customer.

·Prepare agenda of the discussion that includes project progress, problems occurred and suggested solutions.

·Discuss project related problems with the customer through messengers.

·Keep watch on the progress of the offshore project that you are programming by tracking the project plan weekly.

·Time to Time Study of the Risks analysis.

·Be careful about the changes when there is deviation from the plan.

Contact by e-mail

Email, the facility given by the internet, plays an important role for a powerful communication. This service is available 24 hours a day. Within less time a programmer can communicate with the offshore client and update them about the additional changes in programming of the project. You can ask for the information related to the software and you will receive immediate responses to your question. Remember that Email sent by you must be effective and able to clear the ideas behind your development.

For a better communication between offshore clients and you, as a programmer, must spend 1 to 2 hours a day. By sending emails to offshore clients, you as the programmer, have to involve them in the projects which help in the programming. Make sure that your emails contain the details they want to receive. Even if the offshore client is not responsive, programmer has to do his part in the programming. Explain the project as per the client requirement. Follow up the email sent by the client and inform him about the new developments in the programming by Email. You can attach Screen Shots, Formatted reports, and System layout along with the information.

Contact by Messenger

Messenger is one more media for communication. The messaging services are provided by the websites. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Rediff Bol are the famous messengers. You can communicate with the offshore client through Messenger to improve the programming skill. As an offshore programmer, you can use messenger that makes it easy to get effective and quick information from the offshore clients, in the form of chatting on the Internet. If the offshore client is online, you can send instant message related to programming to him. In case the offshore company demands a file, you can send it to him through messengers.
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