Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Be Aware and Understand

Offshore providers should attempt to fully understand the current phenomenon of U.S. companies using non-U.S. resources for outsourcing work. It is a topic that appears in newspapers, magazines, on television, radio, and on the Internet daily. Its benefits and liabilities are hotly debated in many sectors of business and government -- and by the working public. There are many varying views that demonstrate different levels of understanding and interests.

To some, offshore outsourcing is seen as a necessary evil -- something that must be utilized for the sake of economics even though it might be somewhat distasteful. To others, it is simply a part of being smart in business. Regardless, it is a very sensitive issue that will continue to ebb and flow for the foreseeable future.

Offshore providers will be wise to spend time maintaining an awareness of the current mood in the U.S. regarding offshore outsourcing. Your most accessable resource is, of course, the Internet. Watch the web sites of top news providers such as CNN and business publications such as Business Week.

By being aware of the latest news and reports, offshore providers can adapt their strategies to minimize potential conflicts and maximize acceptance by U.S. companies. Learn to be sensitive to the issues and concerns that may be confronting your potential customers.

Time is Critical

Although offshore outsourcing is a hot topic at the moment, it will not last forever. It is very likely that it will peak sometime in the next couple of years and retreat to a more stable and mature level for the future.

Therefore, it is important for offshore providers to quickly take advantage of the current boom. By joining the wave now, you will help ensure your place in the long term.

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