Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quality software work attracts more outsourcing contracts to Indian shores

India leading the global offshore IT outsourcing market is not news anymore. With more and more MNCs setting up outsourcing wings in the country, offshore outsourcing has indeed become one of the chief contributors to the nation's economic growth. Quality work in offshore software development is bringing in a lot of outsourcing contracts to Indian shores.

Offshore Software development firms handling a variety of work are spread around the various IT hubs of the country. Both small and big software companies are seen as integral to the country's outsourcing growth. With Indian talent attracting the attention of the global bigwigs who wants to grab a share of the outsourcing pie, there is no stopping the Indian offshore outsourcing juggernaut. And as more and more contracts flow in, there is scope for much more growth in the Indian IT field.

Despite all this, India is still very much a developing country. Though, Indian economy is now experiencing a steady growth. Studies indicate that software piracy is rampant in India. It is said that not even seven per cent of the total software made in India is original. This is despite much government efforts to curb piracy. It is generally thought that software piracy can be hindering to software growth. However, there are ways by which educated businessmen can protect themselves against piracy.
Microsoft and India

Nowadays, MNCs like Microsoft is investing a lot of money in India. Ravi Venkatesan, the Chairman of Microsoft India, opines that he wants academic growth in India. Microsoft has got a large number of developers working for it. And the company is training them on required guidelines to increase output.

Microsoft is also investing lot of money for encouraging software education in the country. Organizations like Shiksha, providing software education has received its support. It is reported that Microsoft is concentrating a lot of attention in the country's software field.

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