Monday, July 17, 2006

Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing is the trend today in the global market. Outsourcing means to give work to another company or country to make it more cost effective. India is the best bet to outsource your work, especially in the field of Information Technology. Years ago, if you asked anyone about outsourcing your work to India it would sound more like a horror story more than anything else. The horror was all about the poor quality of English that was spoken and the communication services that were present in India.

Today, Offshore outsourcing in India is nothing but a pleasant experience. This is because of the upgrade in the communications center and the excellent level of English spoken there now. The development and maintenance costs are cut steeply and makes all CFO’s happy about it. Outsourcing in India accounts for more than two thirds of the Fortune’s Top 500 companies. If there is any company in the US that is not outsourcing to India, you will soon discover that a plan is being looked into by the senior management of the company.

Having said this, India has its own share of problems that needs to be looked at. Despite the fact of the popularity of the well spoken English and the improved communications processes, you will still have problems, which are deeply rooted in the cultural values. Besides this, you will have transitional, service level demands; relationship management makes it expensive and labor exhaustive.

However, despite the fact of these hardships many major businesses are still looking at offshore outsourcing work to India. The reason behind this is that the quality of programmers that is available in India is outstanding. The work presented by them is top notch and makes them simply the best option for outsourcing. Another reason to this is that most of the Indians companies have spent many years in stringent training. Some of these companies are certified to be Level Five companies. This is the ceiling height for Carnegie Mellon University's Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Given below are some of the reasons that why ninety five countries out source to India

•The first is the confidence it enjoys from all major corporations in the US.
•In a recent survey it showed that eighty seven percent of the companies in the US all favor the Indian market more compared to any other market.
•The biggest recommendation is from the head of the software giant “Microsoft”. Bill Gates said that India is a superpower in Information Technology.

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