Thursday, June 23, 2005

Outsourcing + Insourcing Key to Smartsourcing


In today's high-speed global business environment, every organization is out to maximize its profits, enlarge its market share, and above all, put a check on ever-increasing costs. Management gurus are undertaking every effort and every possible mantra is being applied to re-think and re-adopt new processes, especially the buzzwords "outsourcing" and "insourcing."

Outsourcing is the process of procuring services or products from an external service provider with a view to curb costs, replace in-house capabilities, and thereby reduce the time period of projects. Outsourcing is thus a full transfer or delegation of an organization's facility management functions to an external firm. Outsourcing has emerged as an effective tool to revamp the strategies and benefits of business in a financially viable and pro-active manner.

Fundamentally speaking, outsourcing may be classified into two types: traditional outsourcing and
Greenfield outsourcing.

a. Traditional outsourcing means that the staff of the organization does not perform the same jobs or tasks. Here, tasks to be performed are identified and the service provider usually hires the staff. For instance, IT outsourcing may include a transfer of responsibility for management of data centers and networks. In the field of facility management, the people working as property managers might become the staff of a facility management company.

Greenfield outsourcing, on the other hand, means that the organization can change its business processes without any hiring of staff by the service provider. The organization, for instance, may hire an up-and-coming company to provide a new service such as wireless remote computing, which was not previously handled internally.

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