Sunday, June 19, 2005

Outsourcing in India: Advantage

From: outsourcing2india

Indian companies are seen as preferred partners all over the world. The natural resource of India lies in its abundant technically skilled manpower, easily transforming India into an outsourcing paradise. It has a large pool of computer literate and English speaking professionals and, above all use of state-of-the-art technologies especially in software development. The solutions are cost-effective, high quality, highly reliable, and delivered on time.

The Indian advantage lies primarily in the educational and technical qualifications of the personnel, who are often more qualified than the people working in the parent locations. A survey conducted in 2002 by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) showed that an India based ITES-BPO center in the banking and financial service sector, performs better than a UK or US based facility on significant factors such as the number of correct transactions/total umber of transactions, total satisfaction factor, number of transactions per hour and the average speed of answers.

The survey also says that 45 percent of Indian service providers have certifications like Six Sigma (a disciplined, statistical quality control method that measures the number of defects compared to the opportunities to make defects) and CMMI ( Capabilty Maturity Model Integration - which is a process improvement method that provides a set of best practices that address productivity, performance, costs, and customer satisfaction.). Moreover, a lot of organizations are upgrading their quality standards to from the ISE 9000 to the new ISO 9000:2000, and from the CMM framework to the new CMMI framework.

Pune is a fast emerging outsourcing destination. This fast emerging info hub fast has a large number of quality educational institutions and universities. Today its resources and statistics back its claim for the numero uno destination for IT investments. The setting up of IT Parks with good connectivity, phone lines and electricity and a robust telecom infrastructure is another reason for why Pune is the new IT destination. The availability of huge land in prime locations coupled with the abundant trained manpower has prompted many companies to open office in Pune.

The Indian model ensures that it works in systematic manner. IT systems - production servers, mainframes, and application systems - rarely reside in India. Rather, outsourced systems reside at the client site, or in some cases, at a hosted site in the US or Europe. Remote workers in India develop code or maintain systems from a facility in India over a variety of communications links.

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