Thursday, June 16, 2005

Offshore outsourcing:Facts

From: e-isn

For most software companies across the globe, offshore outsourcing is an interesting option. Whether it is a service or a product to sustain an organization's competitiveness, one has to pursue cost reduction goals without compromising the quality of the solutions. The biggest boon outsourcing has given to the global business community is the strength to upgrade their core business while being at the cutting edge of technology.

There are a few logical and important guidelines that any organization has to follow to be successful in outsourcing software to offshore businesses. India has established itself as one of the most competitive destinations for software outsourcing development services.

Unlike in house development or on site development, the offshore software development has certain peculiarities associated with its process. Most of the steps that are involved in onsite development are present in offshore development. Critical steps have been included in the process to ensure successful completion of the project.

Software outsourcing though in huge demand & profitable proposition, if not handled properly can become a pain also. But professional organizations outsourcing software are very cautious these days & do they due diligence before selecting the right software outsourcing partner.

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