Friday, August 13, 2010

Jailbreak iPhone Process.

i) No restrictions: Want a custom wallpaper on your home screen? Custom icons for your apps? Internet tethering? A category system for organizing your apps? The ability to hide native iPhone apps you don’t use? You can do all of this and more with Jailbreak.

ii) To join the subculture: Jailbreak iPhone belong to a movement of people who demand more from their iPhones. And they’re not gonna let Apple stop them. Beat the system: Jailbreak your iPhone.

iii) Unlock iPhone: To unlock your iPhone and use it on any carrier, you must first Jailbreak your iPhone. Some of the Jailbreak solutions below also allow you to unlock the iPhone, though unlocking is generally beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Jailbreak iPhone Cons:
i) Jailbreak maybe brick iPhone:
When someone develops something for an Apple product, you run the risk of it not working as it should, conflicting with the device itself, or just all-around bricking that iPhone.

ii) iPhone update from iTunes disables Jailbreak: Every time Apple comes out with an update for iPhone, they find a way to prevent hackers from cracking the code again. Hackers then scramble to Jailbreak the iPhone again and release the new methods.

iii) Jailbreak might increase risk of getting a virus on iPhone: The only two iPhone viruses ever reported have spread across iPhones that have been Jailbroken

iv) Jailbreak voids iPhone warranty: If your iPhone is bricked because of Jailbreak, or if your iPhone has another problem and it happens to be Jailbreaked, your warranty becomes void.

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